Complex supply chains require complex services.  Our Value-Added services are designed to offer solutions to the ever increasing demands for product customization.  From labeling and pre-inspection to the most complex kitting and assembly programs, our Value-Added suite of services are designed to provide our customers with a seamless integration of data and product transformation to meet the needs of today and tomorrow.

At ACS, we view every customer’s operations through those lenses. ACS has a full menu of Value-Added Services throughout our entire CFS network including:

  • Product reworking
  • Kitting and assembly
  • Pre-shipment inspection
  • QC verification
  • Carton, inner pack and piece pick services
  • Inventory storage and dynamic allocation
  • Direct to store and direct to customer distribution programs

All VAS programs are fully integrated and operated within our Infor Nexus suite of applications.


Packaging engineering is the new frontier in cost savings. Our mission is to improve supply chain performance via increased control over the transit packaging. Increase product protection and survivability while decreasing footprint. Our PacD solutions provide the right combination of world class packaging expertise and “hands on” factory support to capture the savings and hold the gain. More for less.

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Labeling Services

ACS, through our partner Tradelink Technologies, creates forward thinking labeling solutions in factory as well as at CFS. Carton and pallet programs are available with GS1 as well as custom formats. RFID programs can be deployed using either stationary RFID reader installations or portable tunnel readers.

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  • Purpose-built distribution centers in Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong for the inventory management and daily distribution of goods to retail outlets for international brands
  • Automated cargo receiving, both Goods-on-Hanger and flat-packs, sorting, storage and distribution systems to ensure consistency of efficient services
  • Temperature-controlled and dust-free environment
  • Tight security-check of workers and 24-hour CCTV surveillance
  • Importation of goods into China
  • Inventory management and other value-added services, including garment re-processing, re-packaging, etc.
  • Daily distribution of goods to stores locally in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing
  • Airfreight of goods from Distribution Centers in Shanghai and Hong Kong to other cities in China for distribution to stores
  • CIQ-approved Warehouse in Shanghai, allowing CIQ compliance work to take place during approval process of imports
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E*Dray sets a new standard for drayage operations at terminals and container yards. Our technology-based approach standardizes and scales the block stow, flow stack and export street turn processes for the import and export community nationwide.

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