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  • $1T in Goods

  • 65,000+ businesses

  • 36,000+ suppliers and factories

  • 40+ financial institutions

  • $50B in global payments

  • 15,000+ carriers

  • 15+M ocean containers

Infor Nexus Production
Our IT Platform

Infor Nexus is the world’s leading cloud based multi-tenant network for multi-enterprise supply chain orchestration. The network connects our customers to their entire supply chain – from suppliers and manufacturers to transportation partners, dray partners, brokers and distribution network, all operating collaboratively and in real time on the platform.

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Live Shipment Tracking

Infor Nexus combines real-time tracking via our “Live” suite of products (Live Ocean, Live Road, Live Air) with the most comprehensive set of exception management tools available. These products allow customers to focus on running their business as efficiently as possible.

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Cybersecurity is at the core of our DNA. Preserving the safely, integrity and confidentiality of our customer’s data is everyone’s responsibility at ACS. Every employee undergoes rigorous cybersecurity education programs to ensure we are keeping abreast of threats today and tomorrow. Our cybersecurity team also utilizes the most sophisticated tools and processes to monitor and respond to threats continuously.

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Data Integration

The ACS model is built around integrating all partners in our customer’s supply chain into one holistic view. Our data integration hub processes traditional EDI, API’s as well as custom formats through a variety of communication protocols so our customer’s operating applications and Infor Nexus are always in sync. Partner integrations only need to be completed once. The power of the cloud ensures it is now available to every Infor Nexus customer.

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Data Analytics

Understanding where your supply chain has been is integral to predicting where it is heading. ACS utilizes the Infor Nexus business intelligence tool, SCI powered by MicroStrategy to provide our customers with the most comprehensive set of data modeling capabilities available today.

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