Insights Newsletter – March 2023

Shaping The Places Where People Come Together

Just like for many others, the pandemic world has proven how critical visibility and communication is to the success of the supply chain and business continuity. MasterBrand Cabinets needed a comprehensible tool that would allow quick access to crucial information regarding cargo readiness to ship, current location, and time of arrival to our facilities. We worked with a very aggressive implementation timeline where we needed to integrate multiple ERP’s with InforNexus and ACS was able to deliver. With the enhanced view into our purchase orders, we can now improve materials planning and better monitor inventory levels to make sure we have everything we need, exactly when we need it.

ACS offers an excellent post-implementation care. We continue to work with knowledgeable account management teams who are always ready to support MasterBrand and our needs. We truly enjoy the partnership and mutual commitment to excellence.

MBC employees testimonies:

“From logistics perspective, the data provided is crucial to having detailed visibility of all shipments. I am working in reports all day, so being able to configure them easily is a true benefit. Now that we have more data to review, we can investigate other matters such as booking timeliness, cargo ready date changes, and shipper compliance to the ship window end dates. We have a reliable tool to see historical data and apply that towards future planning. We use SCI, ACS’s business intelligence tool, which allows us to combine different data sets into one catalog for visual graphics to see trends, The MicroStrategy functionality is also a huge help. The MicroStrategy desktop tool allows us to apply certain filters and lets us drill down into transit times, container optimization and volumes per carrier – just to name a few things. The ACS destination account management team is always ready to help with anything we need, and the origin team is great to work with, especially with our booking needs.”

“Infor Nexus offers great flexibility in setting up various reports. I used the Layouts functionality which allows me to easily track the booking status and whether our supplier submitted their shipping order on time. If the SO is still not completed, I can send a reminder to the supplier to avoid delays.”

ACS has worked with many customers on converting their terms of sale from DDP to Free on Board (FOB). The transition plan from DDP to FOB, and ultimately Free Carrier, (FCA) is accomplished through data collection and best in class analytics. ACS’s terms of sale conversion programs are structured to provide our customers with the most comprehensive set of data (learning, trend analysis, vendor behavior, costs, opportunities) to help make the best decisions possible.

For nearly 70 years, MasterBrand has been shaping the places where people come together, enriching lives and creating meaningful memories for our customers. That, combined with our stylish products, top-notch dealer network and dedicated employees, has helped make us the number one North American residential cabinet business.

Marta Cylwik
Senior Logistics Manager MasterBrand Cabinets


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