Charles Komar & Sons Inc, established in 1908, is a global leader in the design, sourcing, manufacturing, and distribution of apparel. With our company growing at a rapid pace and having over 100 lifestyle brands and licenses manufacturing and selling worldwide, Komar required a new supply chain visibility solution to provide end-to-end order visibility, data accuracy, a central shipping document depository, all in a timely manner.

Through our collaboration with Allport Cargo Services USA, Inc. (ACS) Komar successfully harnessed the capabilities of Infor Nexus, providing Komar with access to the industry’s leading
technology platform. ACS was effective in tailoring Nexus to align with our company’s specific business requirements, effectively transforming it into a customized Purchase Order Management System.

ACS created and customized milestone events and gave us access to the report designing capabilities which provided reporting tools for Factories, our Komar Logistics Team, Internal Stakeholders, our Komar Warehouses and our trucking company, Komar Logistics Services. Partnering with ACS not only meant we got a system, but the partnership gave us boots on the ground at each Origin to assist our manufacturing facilities from the point of booking to the point of departure. ACS has been instrumental in our supply chain management.

Historically, our company, having the role as the vendor for our Direct Orders, struggled with visibility due to our obligation ending with delivering Cargo to our Customer’s Forwarder at Origin. Six months ago, we presented this challenge to the ACS Business Solutions Team.

Within weeks, they not only provided us with several options but detailed the implementation plans, the timeline and the groundwork involved. This gave our company a better opportunity to understand the benefits and workload required before choosing the right solution.

Shortly after opting for the solution, the ACS team promptly mobilized, with everyone on board to facilitate the implementation process, and within two months, we were up and running.

For this program, ACS has tailored a unique indicator exclusively for our Direct Import purchase orders, developed comprehensive operational guidelines for our suppliers, and integrated various document types to meet the demands of our global customer forwarders. Moreover, our shipment visibility is enhanced through a wide array of reports generated using the saved view and report designer functionalities.

It’s safe to say that from purchase order receipt to final delivery, ACS has truly provided us end-to-end visibility to our international supply chain by using the power of the Infor Nexus platform, account management, and subject matter experts.

Theresa Comtois
Manager, International Logistics & Transportation

Allport Cargo Services

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